How an Artist Can Improve Their Social Marketing Efforts in 24 Hours

18530629880_d49aa1147b_bStop Wasting Time and Start Building a Reliable Social Marketing Strategy

Traditionally, artists use to sell their work in galleries. Invitations were given to people for visiting the gallery in order to promote an artist’s work. But things have changed now. Online marketing has modified everything. Almost every business wants online followers or online audience. However, now an artist can build exposure through several social media platforms.

1. Twitter

Twitter is a fabulous social media website where you can tweet and share your views with other people. You can follow people and receive messages of approximately 140 characters. As an artist you can inform your followers about your recent work and share interesting information with them. However, the best way an artist can improve word-of-mouth strategy is to ask questions and share useful content with your followers.

2. Facebook

Facebook is considered as the most powerful social network in this world where everyone can sell their products. It’s hard to ignore the fact that Facebook has billions and billions of users. People usually used it for keeping in touch with their friends but now, it’s more about the promotion of a product, company, business or any artist. However, in order to get promoted as an artist, you need to create a Facebook page with your professional identity. This will allow you to connect with other people and share images of your work. Also, you may post videos taken while making a classic art piece which may help in inspiring the public and thus, increasing your followers.

It is seen that managing a Facebook page for an artist is much easier as compared to any other businesses. People like to follow an artist and appreciate his or her work. Also, through Facebook it’s easier to invite people at a gallery showcasing an artist’s work. Hence, for artist promotion Facebook is one of the best social media websites.

3. Instagram

Instagram has proven to be a successful tool for the promotion of artists. It’s all possible through the right use of hashtags. If you create your Instagram’s account today for promoting your work, then hashtags are the only way through which you can get recognized and be promoted.

Recently, there are a total of 66 million art hashtag posts and nearly 10 million painting hashtag posts. These more targeted hashtags helps an artist in getting more followers which ultimately increases the promotion. Therefore, for getting famous on Instagram ought to learn the correct use of hashtags.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is like a visual website where you can pin (share) your images with your followers, and can follow people who share beautiful and inspiring images.

Crafts, home décor, art, design and photography are among the most famous categories of Pinterest. This social media website allows all the artisans to showcase their work in an aesthetical way. Always make sure that you never post an image of your work on the Pinterest without giving your users an opportunity to buy it.

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