Social Media: A Surprising Tool That's Influencing Your Customers Decision Making Process

Social Media: A Surprising Tool That’s Influencing Your Customers Decision Making Process

Social Media: A Surprising Tool That's Influencing Your Customers Decision Making Process

Learn How Social Media is Influencing Your Customers

Believe it or not social media plays a major a role on how consumers make their buying decision. Some retail boutiques have found creative and effective marketing techniques to increase traffic in stores as well as online.

Few retailers use coupons and discounts code to attract current users. A great way to show your customers you appreciate their business is to offer an incentive. You’ll not only gain a loyal customer but you’ll gain a new brand ambassador who will support your word-of- mouth and word-of-mouse marketing strategy.

Ask your customers to send a tweet or post a photo on Instagram with a unique hashtag line and offer a prize for those who do so. The prize may include perfumes, jewelry and accessories. Here are our favorite social media platforms we would highly recommend retailers us:


One of the best social media sites for retail boutiques is Facebook, where people get attracted through images within your posts. It’s been proven through recent studies that photos posted on Facebook generate over 50% of likes than the average post.

When retailers want to post an announcement or promote a product then include the link to the page within the post, also attach an image to the post. Adding an image to the post increases your likes. However, Facebook is considered to be one of the best social website for retailers.


Pinterest has emerged as a famous social media website for retailers. It has become a stronger alternative as Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest influences a total of 22 percent of people according to a combined study of Netbase and Edison Research. Also, it has been proved that Pinterest is the fastest growing social media website and majority of the users are women. But it is found that Pinterest is on an equal competition with Facebook when it comes to drive sales of products.

Snap Chat

Snap chat is a famous photo sharing website which allows its users to share photos and videos for a limited time period. It has over a 200 million users. Snap chat is found to be one of the best social media websites for retailers. Creating a story about the product or posting videos at snap chat can increase sales of products.


The most famous social website among young adults is Instagram. For retailers, Instagram is a blessing because posting photos and sharing videos is what this site includes. Instagram has over 300 million users. It gained popularity due to its multiple filters applicable on a photo. Many retailers find it interesting and encouraging to use this site because applying filters to photos increases their brand’s online visibility.

By: Walford Guillaume

photo credit: Communication Centre via (license)

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