Why LinkedIn is the Right Professional Social Media Platform for You!

Why LinkedIn is the Right Professional Social Media Platform for You!

LinkedIn is the Right Social Media Platform for Small Businesses

Okay I admit it, I freaking love this site and I’m proud to admit it! I especially love using my personal Linkedin page to learn a little more about companies that are hiring, co-workers I have a crush on, and finding interesting articles for health care professionals.

However, as an inspiring business owner I’ve found that this social media platform has made it extremely simple to make professional connections, learn the latest news in the industry, discover freelance opportunities and attract more traffic to your website by simply posting 3 stories per week on my blog site.

In addition, just like groups on personal social media platforms, such as Facebook, it is possible to use LinkedIn groups to increase brand awareness and equity. Correction! Let me rephrase that last statement. You can increase your brand awareness + equity if you produce shareable content.

Remember, content is king. If you don’t take your digital content seriously, your target audience won’t take you seriously or worst won’t know if you even exist.

So be sure to stand out when deploying weekly blog posting on you LinkedIn site and don’t forget to :”like“, “share“, and “comment“.

By Andreea A

photo credit: LI222Housewarming-10 via (license)

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    I agree with this post. believe it or not, linkedin has become a great source for me as a freelance gfx designer. I’ve connect with so many artist and music produce via linkedin.

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