3 Important Facts About Web Design You Can't Afford to Ignore

3 Important Facts About Web Design You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Why Web Design Is Important For a Business

These days, the Internet is accessible pretty much anywhere in the developed world. When it comes to businesses, an online presence has become not an advantage, but a vital necessity in order to ensure their visibility on the market.

In simple words, without a well-made website, you will undoubtedly miss out on a significant part of the market, regardless of the quality that other aspects of your business present.

At the core of any successful online presence stand several factors: web design, technical functionality, and good content being some of the biggest ones. All these are massively important, yet it’s the website design that someone is first exposed to. It’s the aspect we are going to talk about here. Here are 3 reasons why it’s important for a business to do it right: 

1. It Provides Credibility

The first impression is crucial and, most of the time, the website will be the one to decide it. Design can easily make or break the way visitors perceive your business; it is the way you inspire trust in people in order for them to even give your product a chance. Regardless of the quality of the service or product, you will not be taken into consideration if you don’t present it well.

A well-designed website should be visually attractive or, at the very least, somewhat neutral. This should obviously go hand in hand with the area that your business activates in. A company selling toys for young children can very well have a playful look to their website; a consultancy firm, on the other hand, should aim for a more classic, business look.

What matters the most is for the design to be clear – designs that are too packed will generally be mistrusted by users. Serious businesses are expected to offer information in a way that puts the customer first. Layouts that are extremely busy become overwhelming and often make it seem as if you want to rush people into making acquisitions.

An important mistake to avoid is having flashy ads and popups – one of the most popular ways of becoming mistrusted online.

2. It Provides Functionality

Web design is not all about the looks. It is also crucial in making website navigation a comfortable experience. Good design should make the website intuitive even for people with very little tech experience.

Your core content should be readily available from any page of your site. This obviously depends on the business, but having products’ categories, information about the company and FAQ’s just a click away make for a good practice. Don’t make visitors go back to the homepage in order to reach another page. Also, search functions are extremely useful.

3. It Presents Information Clearly

Precise information is not only a matter of good content writing. The way it is all organized plays a big part in its accessibility. Your website is very often the main source of information for potential customers. So, arranging it, as mentioned, in a clear, intuitive layout will make sure they get to know you properly.

A good web design is one of the best business cards to have in the online era. Not working towards it means not working towards success.

Written by: Andrea Lewis

photo credit: My Work Desk via (license)

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