TuesdayTips: Best Time & Days to Engage on Social Media (WATCH)

Watch to learn when the best time to post to social media happens.

Putting together an editorial calendar for your social networks can be complex. In addition to building a calendar trying to figure out the best days & time to share your content adds to the dilemma. Ultimately, you’ll solve these problems if you understand your industry.

Each social media community (industry) you join have different rules when it comes to engagement. For example, the amount of posting you do on twitter would not be the same on Facebook. ESPN’s (@ESPNStatsInfo) profile on average tweets every 15 minutes.

Fortunately, we have social monitoring sites to help us pinpoint when users are most active. when you don’t have the data to support the scheduling of the date and time/

Walford Guillaume | IG – @wallywall$treet

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