Is Social Media Influencing Pop Culture, What Do You Think?

Is Social Media Influencing Pop Culture, What Do You Think? [Updated]


Social Media’s Influence on Pop Culture is the Real Climate Change

The term “pop culture” or popular culture is determined by the interactions between people in their everyday life activities. The most common categories of pop culture are: entertainment (music, film, TV), sports, politics, fashion, and technology.

Media defines popular culture (or pop culture) as what the latest trends are, what people should wear, what they should be listening, how should they act publicly, what they should look like, which is expensive brand etc.

Whether you notice it or not we are constantly being influenced by what surround us. it is next to impossible that we don’t get either a positive impact or negative impact from it. Depending on what you listen to or what you watch or whatever you do, it has a direct influence on your life.

For instance, studies have shown that upbeat music reduces depression by 40%. Similarly, when young adults see celebrities they look up to the effects are almost the same.

The cultural standards we place on the modern women such as they should be smart, thin, sexy and fresh looking with a glow on her skin is all present through social media. This idea of the perfect female figure on the modern women is not only emotionally hurting young adults, but it’s creating a distorted view for pre-teens and teenagers about self-worth.

Because we are more connected than ever many people especially children have access to cultures the Girls, as young as twelve, start up dressing like celebrities which diminishes their childish look completely. Young boys are force to make sports a high priority bearing the pressure of earning an athletic scholarship or perhaps becoming a pro athletes. So they can finally purchase a big house for their parents.

Did you know that the brain thinks in pictures? The next time you walk around the mall, surf the web, go through different channels on the idiot box (television) or check out your twitter timeline. I want you to think about how these medians are guiding your decisions. How has this steady diet of “reality tv” effect how you interact with others? How has this effect the way you treat people off or online? More importantly, am I creating a new cultural norm that is unhealthy?


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