3 Common Solutions on How to Build a Safe Community on Social Media


To Tweet or Not to Tweet, That is the Question

What do you do when you try to have a healthy conversation online, but doesn’t connect well with your online community. The truth is that fighting and bickering is very normal. In fact, some argue that if you’re online community aren’t squabbling every once in a while, there’s a good chance that your community isn’t all that Β compelling to people. In other words, fighting is a sign of caring. So when things get out of hand consider these 4 common reason why your group is turnt up:

  1. Suppose you have a new member who is smart and filled with great ideas. If you’re not careful on how you communicate with both the new and old members of your community.You’ll most likely create resentment in your relationship with older members. Therefore, I recommend you express your appreciation for both new and old members. Detailing how their influence have help strengthen the community.
  2. Small clique within a group that has opposing views is absolutely dangerous to your online community. If you uncover that such sub groups exist. Be very aware of what is being said and where it’s bring express. Be aware that this subgroup may branch off and create their own online community to counter yours. However, if things get extremely bad, I recommend banning the troublemakers from your online in order to protect its integrity.
  3. Rumors can kill a community. Therefore, always monitor conversations and when a member alerts you of a rumor don’t dismiss it. Take serious action and address your online community.

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