Did You Hear President Obama Blaming Social Media for Racial Divide in America?

Why Did President Obama Blame Social Media for Racial Divide in America?

Lies and Damn Lies About Social Media’s Racial Division in America

A week ago President Obama address the tragic police shooting that took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In his statement President Obama express concerns on how divided we are as a nation and blames media, especially social media for fueling the flame.


“…we have our divisions and they are not new. Around the clock news cycles and some social media sometimes amplifies these divisions.”

We all can agree that social media can at times be an unfriendly environment. There are people who live among us that really find pleasure in cyber bullying and its extremely unfortunate. However, I stronglyΒ disagree with the President’s remarks “…social media sometimes amplifies these divisions, ” because that’s not true at all.

I would argue social media is challenging us to be more transparent when addressing trivial topics such as racial injustice in America. There is a segment of the online community whom have no interest in participating in a productive dialogue with #BlackLivesMatter supporters.

Unfortunately, these people are usually the loudest and since the squeaky wheel gets the grease, they usually get more media attention. Which then amplifies this illusion of division among Americans.

However, it’s a different story when you begin to follow the #BlackLivesMatter movement offline. Americans from all walks of life are standing with African-Americans to address the killing of unarmed orΒ (in the case of Philando Casttile) legally armed black males by police officers.


That’s why I respectfully disagree with President ObamaΒ notion that social media is making things worst. Social media is forcing us to examine our country. More importantly, it’s challenging us to examine the roles we’ve chosen to help fuel or disarm racial injustice in america.

Did You Hear President Obama Blamed Social Media for Racial Divide in America?

Did You Hear President Obama Blamed Social Media for Racial Divide in America?

All in all, social media is making our world a much smaller place. I’ll compare this to how many educators have argued smaller classes can boost student academic achievement.

I think it’s great that social media have allowed us to experience a smaller world because some of us are learning how to embrace a form of Socratic dialogue with one another and as a result we are addressing and demanding social change.


An unexamined life is not worth living”

By: Walford Guillaume | IG- Wallywallstreet
photo credit: Teachers union members march for justice for Philando Castile via (license)

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