3 Actionable Steps Small Companies Can Take to Jumpstart Their Social Media Presence

3 Actionable Steps Small Businesses Can Take to Jumpstart Their Social Media Presence

3 Actionable Steps Small Companies Can Take to Jumpstart Their Social Media Presence

How to Find the Right Social Media Outlet For Your Specific Product (Service)

Long gone are the times when your company would become known just from person to person, being recommended in the daily newspaper and the sorts. Now there’s another saying: if you’re not on social media, then you don’t exist. Most of the time, the information we find online about certain companies is so vague that we do not feel comfortable at all in using their services. Social media, on the other hand, can improve that customer-provider relationship by means of communication. However, it won’t be enough just to create the account and leave it there to catch dust. Here’s what you need to do so that your small company can become even bigger on social media.

Finding the Right Social Media Website

Many new entrepreneurs believe that in order to make themselves known on social media, they will need to register to all platforms out there. What they do not seem to realize is that there are so many sites out there with so many audiences and interfaces, that they cannot possibly maintain communication with all of them. The best thing you can do is to find the ones that attract the right audience. Facebook, obviously, should not be ignored – simply because nowadays, anyone with the ability to hold a mouse has an account there. On the other hand, sites like FourSquare are more popular and suitable for business (mobile), which is why you may want to give it a try. Pinterest and Instagram can be used if your business is more on the visual side, while Twitter is the new version of online customer service. Weigh your options and see which ones suit you best.

Interactions are Better than Facts

Many people use social media nowadays to state facts about their companies. However, interaction is more encouraged if you want your presence to be felt there. So don’t just post boring facts about your business which will not engage the customer in any way: post things that will have questions in them, which will get your clients talking and will provide you with feedback. The more you will have people interacting with you, the more you will feel your audience growing.

Don’t Quit Halfway

It may be difficult to create and maintain a social media presence at first, which is why you will need to stick with it all the time. Many people get discouraged after not getting much feedback and quit trying to use social media for marketing. However, results usually appear after some time, and when they do… they’re big. Also, you can’t stop posting even if your audience has grown. You need to use that social media account regularly if you want your business to survive in this era of technology.

These tips should bring some insight into what you must do to keep your audience growing. The bottom line is that you have to communicate, and you have to communicate with the right people. So choose your place, write some quality content and keep your audience engaged.

By: Andreea (TWDG contributor)

photo credit: ニューヨーク バー via (license)

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