What's the Safest Email Account for Kids Under 13?

What’s the Safest Email Account for Kids Under 13?


What's the Safest Email Account for Kids Under 13?

Should kids under 13 have their own email accounts? In my opinion, heck No! However, there are parents that allow their children to have an email account. Although the majority of the online community world are not filled with hackers, haters, and hecklers. You still have to be mindful of potential digital predators. I understand that most parents want to prepare their kids for the real world. So to help you in your journey in finding the safest email account for your tween consider the following tips:

  • Select a Kid-Safe Email Service

Nowadays, some new companies are providing safe place for kids to sign up and use email that don’t include vulgar and disgusting ad placements. Here are some of our favorite new companies are: Zoobuh, Zilladog, Tocomail and KidsEmail. All of them include safe list of contacts and ways to monitor the content of the emails.

These are the things you need to take care of while setting up the best email for your kids but as a parent don’t forget to teach these essentials to your kids before they get their very first email account.

  • All Emails are Forwarded

Make sure as the parent you set up a forwarding option so that every single email of your child is forwarded to your inbox. You may inform your child as well so that she/he knows that every email is checked by you.

  • Give your Email Address to those Whom You Trust

This is the essential thing which as a parent you need to repeat again and again so that your child never forgets. Remind your child anyone who ask for their email address, should speak to you (parent/guardian) first!

  • Never Share your Email Address

Warn your child never to share their email address at internet with any random company. Tell them that what happens when you share you email address with companies so that they know the consequences and avoid doing it.

  • Difference between Reply and Reply All

Teach your child on the difference between reply and reply all. Explain to your tween that “reply all” is used when you need to reply everyone on the same thread, whereas, “reply” is used when you need to respond only one person at a time.

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