How to Market on Pinterest in 2016: Pin Frequently!

How to Market on Pinterest in 2016: Pin Frequently!

Tips to Help Market Your Brand on Pinterest: Pin It toWin It

The opportunity to expand your business and meet your audience’s needs at the best level is all possible now through “the Pinterest”. Pinterest has its own unique ways and best practices to help their customers. Pinterest marketing strategies are all that one must have in order to become visible in the market. Here are some Pinterest marketing tips you should consider:

1. Pin frequently

Pinterest has come with a new marketing tip and that is to pin frequently. Instead of pinning once or twice in day, now you can pin ten times a day. As a result, 150 percent more engagement on Pinterest is seen after incorporating this tip. However, you should keep in mind some of the following points while pinning frequently:

  • Scheduling: Scheduling can make things easier for you. At every time we want to share something new with our friends and as well as discover great content to share with them at the Pinterest, so in order to so easily and more quickly, you may schedule it so that it’s spaced out over a few days. This helps in maintaining a consistent volume of Pinterest content to share.
  • Space out your pins: Spacing out your pins is immensely helpful for your audience. In order to avoid confusion and any bursts of content, you may space out your pins so that the audience may see the pins in a queued schedule.

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