TuesdayTips: Step 3 on How LinkedIn Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website

TuesdayTips: Step 3 on How LinkedIn Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website

LinkedIn Can Increase Web Traffic to Your Site: Creating Your Own Group!

If there is no group for your specific niche, don’t fret – simply make your own. Instead of trying to reach your audience through various different groups, bring them all together in one place. This way, you have full control over the people who are joining, the rules you apply to the group, the discussions taking place, etc.

However, this does mean more involvement and dedication and more time spent moderating and advertising your group to others who you think might be interested. The effort will pay off, because your audience will respect you for your hard work and the interest you are showing towards your business and towards them, as your community.

Attention! Remember to still keep things professional at all times; you want people to look up to you and respect you as an entrepreneur and business person, so professionalism, good manners and respect are always a must.

Do you use LinkedIn Groups? How does it help you drive traffic to your website? Let us know in the comments below

By Andreea A

photo credit: Chicago, 2016 via (license)

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