TuesdayTips: Keeping Track of Social Media Metrics

TuesdayTips: Keeping Track with Measurements & Analytics  Keeping Track of Measurements & Analytics is a Must!

Many small business owners new to social media make the mistake of interpreting social media marketing as the process of posting, liking, or re-tweeting random comments/images they find interesting.

That is completely false! Social media marketing is an opportunity to enhance your businesses pull marketing strategy. A well-defined  marketing strategy for your media channels will deliver valuable data centered on your customers behavior (market intelligence). We have witness companies, such as WhirlpoolRoyal Bank of Canada and JetBlue, all used social analytics tools to engage customers in response to their feedback.

Note: In order to be successful, you must have a consistent sharing strategy. 
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Ultimately, social media monitoring will keep you ahead of your competitors, identify the strengths of your business, unlock potential threats (be alerted to impending crises), and more important identify untapped business opportunities.  It can provide valuable insight about emerging trends and how your  consumers and clients analyze certain topics, brands, products, and services.

There are several sites you can use to track how well your message is reaching your target audience. Check out our list of the Top 5  FREE Social Media Analytic Sites to use if you’re new to social media marketing.

photo credit: Google Analytics on Computer Screen via (license)

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