Simple Tips on How to Avoid Copyright Infringement on Soundcloud


How to Avoid Copyright Infringement Violations on Social File Sharing Sites like Sound Cloud

Sound cloud is a social file sharing platform where anyone can upload and share audio content. It is the worldโ€™s leading social sound platform and what makes this site so cool is how easily accessible it is on mobile devices whether you download the sound cloud app or not.

There are no mandatory sign up requirement on sound cloud. But, you may experience some soft and hard promotional pop-up ads be to listen to your favorite station or artist without being interrupted with annoying pop-ups.

However, this social media site is currently experiencing a lot of copyright violations from its users and has informed all users to be sure they receive written consent to use any copyrighted material. There are strict punishments in case you copyright infringement on sound cloud.

Copyright infringement is when you make use of any copyrighted work of without consent of the copyright holder. Such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make unoriginal copies of the work.

For example, if you upload copyrighted material, and make it available on the site without the consent of copyright owner. You can be charge with a felony. A felony conviction carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.

To help you avoid all of this unwanted attention here are some simple tips guaranteed to put you on the right track.

Donโ€™t Use Anything Created By Someone Else

It is as simple as that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Form of License and Seek Advice

If you do decide to use copyrighted material, itโ€™s your responsibility to prove consent. I highly recommend you and the copyright owner fill out a form of license (License Agreement). Furthermore, if you intend to use a small sample of someone elseโ€™s work in order to use review or want to use any part of the copyright work in any of the statuary expectations,ย  I highly recommend you seek legal support.

Report Copyright Infringement

Another way of avoiding copyright infringement on sound cloud is to โ€œreport copyright infringementโ€. If you find anything on the sound cloud that you believe infringe the copyright, then you have a full right to report it. But for writing a report you need to consider few things which are as follows:

  • When you decide on writing a report for copyright infringement on sound cloud, make sure that your report infringement of your own copyright or the copyright of someone you are authorized to represent. Also, remember to tell the owner of copyright.
  • Make sure that you do not report copyright infringement unless you have a genuine claim. In case, if you make groundless reports of copyright infringement on the sound cloud, you may be on a risk of having your own account terminated or suspended.
  • Also, try to provide as much information as possible regarding the claim because it will help in processing your notice quickly.

Moreover, if you have any doubt regarding your rights on tracks, then you should first consult with a qualified lawyer before uploading anything on sound cloud or making any claim about your rights.

By: Emma Manning

photo credit: 4 servicios y aplicaciones para compartir audio desde el mรณvil via (license)

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