5 Simple Steps To An Effective Email Marketing Campaign for First-Time Authors

5 Simple Effective Email Marketing Campaign for First-Time Authors

 5 Simple Steps To An Effective Email Marketing Campaign for First-Time Authors

Here Are Some Effective Email Marketing Ideas for First-Time Authors

In addition to writing an amazing novel, an author must know how to connect with his or her online community. So where should you start? Here’s a hint check your inbox. E-mail has the most active users than all of the social media platform available to us combined. Therefore an effective e-mail marketing campaign can help your online and offline community supporters find and share your work with their friends.

Email marketing is one platform that can to be a great tool to keep you connected with your readers. Below you’ll find 5 helpful email marketing ideas for the first time and seasoned authors we hope will revamp your digital marketing efforts.

1. Find a Good Email Provider

For a good start, you need to find and select a good email provider.

MailChimp is highly recommended because it is easy to use especially for the first time author’s. Just get sign up with MailChimp not just because it is easy to use but also it provides you with some amazing features. In addition, their customer support is outstanding. You can create a list of up to 2,000 subscribers without any cost. In addition to being free their email metrics are very helpful.

2. Engaging Subject Lines

Once you are in the inbox of your readers, so now is the time when you need to work really hard on the subject lines of your emails. Try to think out of box. Don’t go with those normal and casual lines which won’t attract a single reader. You need to stand out in your reader’s inbox. The subject line should be so attention grabbing that the reader immediately gets your email opened to find out what’s inside.

Remember, subject line is the key to success so don’t rush through this important step.

3. Create a Compelling Offer

If you are a first time author you need to come up with an exciting offer that attracts the majority of readers. You can offer your readers the following:

  • Sign up now and get my bestselling book immediately in your inbox.
  • Enter your email address below and download my ebook for free.

Keep in mind that your goal is to offer people with a compelling reason to sign up for your email list.

4. Please, Review Your Email Before You Deploy

All first time authors must review their emails before sending them to the readers. Your email may look fine in AOL, but may appear totally different in Gmail. So, in order to see how your email looks like before sending it to the reader, it is highly recommended to create test accounts with the top email clients, like, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook.com.

5. Send Emails 4x a Month Basis

Most authors make the mistake of sending emails on a regular. I highly recommend you NOT to flood your readers inbox. Yes it’s important to maintain a healthy and long lasting connection with your readers. However, sending emails on a regular basis can be annoying and is too “spammy”. I encourage you to send emails once a week with your readers.

By: Walford Guillaume & Emma Manning

photo credit: untiteld.jpg via (license)

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