How Car Dealers Can Get More Leads Using Social Media [Updated]

4 Social Media Platforms That Will Help Car Dealers Get More Leads While Spending Less

According to a social media trends study by Digital Airstrike, taking into consideration of 4,000 car buyers and service customers, it was discovered that for the third consecutive year, social media marketing raked in more importance than the dealer’s main website when clients find the vehicles to purchase.

It was discovered that internet search, social media platforms, and review blogs helped around 70% of buyers make their choice with 66% seeing the Facebook ads and clicking it while only a few consumers even visited the dealership site directly.

Taking the Automobile Industry in consideration, these are some of the strategies to drive sales through social media.

Target Customers on Facebook: Facebook marketing shouldn’t even be an alternative if sales are needed. With over 200 million users in 2017, your business can be exposed to different people with similar interest. With Facebook ads, you get the option to select the geographic area, users with automobile interest using their likes and engagement.

Also, a survey reveals that auto ads have a double chance of click-through rate than an average Facebook ad.

Use Twitter to Drive Sales: In 2013 alone, the social media trend analysis indicated that more than 327,000 auto-related tweets were sent out daily, sales came from this fantastic platform, raking in a whopping sum of $716 million.

With the use of keywords and hash tags, a tweet can be made viral in no time and attract consumers with purchase intentions.

Video Marketing with YouTube: Looking at pictures and articles on the vehicle isn’t enough; buyers need to see these machines in action, their features and what they can do. Record a short, high-quality video and upload them to YouTube. In that note, when buyers come and search for videos, yours is most likely to be seen, if it’s catchy and impressive enough, then a sale is in view.

Don’t neglect Pinterest: Don’t only focus on the most popular social sites because you’ll be leaving some money on the table. Pinterest has a large female base and can use this medium to attract female buyers.

Also, it is a great way for building website SEO through social media signals by pinning pictures, blog posts, landing pages which drive more traffic with sales to your site.

photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry Bob’s Fine Cars via (license)

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