Watch: Should Small Business Owners Sue Customers for Negative Yelp Reviews?

Should Small Business Owners Sue Customers for Negative Yelp Reviews?

Would You Trust a Business that Sues Customers for Negative Yelp Reviews?

In the past few years I’ve notice a disturbing trend among small business owners struggling to deal with angry customers on social media. Unfortunately, many of these angry customers are going on yelp to express their frustrations. So in a poor effort to “save” their digital reputation several owners have sued customers for posting negative reviews on

According to Cristin Severance of Dallas station KTVT, this Texas couple are facing a lawsuit demanding thousands of dollars over a negative review they posted on yelp about a business. The couple were unaware of the contract they signed prohibiting them from writing any poor reviews about the company.

“The customer is always right” philosophy seem to have fallen on its sword in web 2.0.

One could agree that the ongoing battle between  businesses and angry customers is part of building  brand equity and customer loyalty.  But I offer this question to any business owner struggle with bad reviews online:

What’s worst reading a negative online review from a customer or losing a customer and not knowing why?

Negative reviews on yelp offers a great opportunity for business owners to show they care about customer experience. If you (the business) are the parent and the customer is your child, it’s probably a bad idea to physically abused them in front of other adults, because it shows a lack of humanity and patience for someone who will always love you unconditionally.

So please, be patient with angry customers and don’t sue them because they post a bad review. I would highly recommend hiring a professional social media consultant like me [ shameless plug 🙂 ] to monitor and respond to online conversations about your business. Hiring a consultant allows you to focus more on the daily business operation of your business.

A social media consultant will analyze social metrics, map out your social media strategy, help schedule social posting for all social media channels, and offer an unbiased proven opinion on how to interact with customers on/offline.

For more details on how to get started contact me today. It’s time to win back your customers!

By: Walford Guillaume


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    The business owners should sue Yelp for burying good reviews and showcasing bad reviews unless you pay them hundreds of dollars for their ad service (in which case they showcase good reviews and bury bad ones).

    A single bad review isn’t a big deal unless you don’t have many good reviews. If you’re getting lots of bad reviews on any platform, you need to analyze and deal with the internal cause of the issue, not attack a customer. If you’re getting lots of good reviews and an occasional bad one, it only makes the good ones seem more legit.

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