TuesdayTips: Best Email Subject Lines That Get Attention

TuesdayTips: Best Email Subject Lines That Get Attention

Helpful Tips on How to Create an Exciting Email Subject Lines

You receive several emails in your inbox every day. Coupons, daily deal sites, scholarships offered at different universities, newsletters, social media notifications, an invitation to friend’s parties etc. But not every email subject lines get your attention.

So what is it that makes you open an email? The answer to it is the subject line. The more interesting and unique subject line the more attendees it has. Not every email is opened, only few with a catchy subject line receive the attention of people. So following are the examples of some of the best email subject lines that usually get attention of people.

1. “Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring”

This subject line is excellent to because it appears with the right tone. The conversational words like “uh-oh” keeps the subject line in sentence case and leaves out the period at the end and the subject line comes across making it friendly and helpful.

2. Barak Obama: “Hey”

This example is one of the best email subject lines till yet. Just imagine getting an email like this in your inbox. It will make you think at least once that what does Barak Obama has to say to me. And this thought provoking situation will lead you open the email. That’s what made this email subject line one of the most successful one.

Pairing unusual words in the subject line creates curiosity among the users and gets them open an email. The goal here is to attract the users and make them curious enough about the inside message that are not able to resist without opening it. And in the case of Obama’s email, who on earth won’t like to open and read the message.

3. “Don’t Open this Email”

Whenever you are told not to do something then that’s the thing that you want to do the most. It happens with almost everybody. Being asked to abstain from something usually have opposite effects. Generally we want to do that thing even more. That’s the strategy behind this line subject line.  It’s simple but an effective way to make people curious enough to open an email. But make sure that the email does have something worthy to catch the attention of your visitor.

4. “What can you afford?”

Just imagine getting an email in your inbox with this subject line from a website showing apartments on rent. It’s both exciting and encouraging for the people who are in a search of an apartment right now. It is actually kind of playing with the psychological emotions of people used as a key to make people curious enough to open an email.

5. “You‘re missing out on points.”

Nowadays, no one wants to miss anything. Have you ever heard about FOMO? That’s an abbreviation for “fear of missing out”. It’s a big fear, especially for the youngsters connected with our hyper-society who never want to miss out at anything.  This subject line attracts many as most people don’t want to miss out on things.

By – Emma Manning

photo credit: Crying girl via (license)

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