6 Ways to Avoid Social Media Hackers?

Hacking social media accounts has become a common issue. It is a regular occurrence worldwide over the internet. Emails, social networking and other online accounts are at a great risk of being hacked if proper care is not taken. However, there are various ways you can take care of your account. Following are some of them:

1.Use a safe email account

When signing up an email account, make sure that you go through all the verification processes. This process provides things such as phone verification, SMS verification and answering other specific security questions.

Also, make sure that the email service provider you are using doesn’t provide its own security because no particular one is set out there. And don’t try to use an email account that lacks security features.

2. Select an email that is less easy to guess

If you include a number or an unusual word in your email address, it makes harder for the people to guess your address. Therefore, select such an email address that is not easily guessed by everyone.

3. Use unique passwords

Don’t use so easy and simple passwords for your email account. Come up with something unique and distinctive that is not easily guessed. Avoid using your child’s or pets name as a password because anyone close to you can easily guess it.

Make sure that you change your password every few months. This helps you preventing your email account from being hacked. Consider using passwordgenerator.net if you need help creating a password.

4. Protect you email password

After selecting a unique password for your account, you should know how to protect it as well. Do not give your password to anybody, not even to your closest friend. Don’t even save it in your email “drafts” folder. Your password is personal and valuable, so keep it safe and confidential.

Moreover, you may add an extra phone number and alternative email address for the recovery of password, in case if your account is being hacked.

5. Use different email account for different purposes

If you want to save your personal data to an account then use a totally different email address for it and don’t give it to except few people. But if you want an account where you can be less careless then use a separate one for it and don’t leave anything personal on this address. It makes you feel safe and secure.

6. Be very careful while using your accounts in a public place

You need to be extremely careful while using your Facebook or Twitter account in a public place, like, internet café etc. and if possible avoid checking your accounts on such places. But in case if you don’t have any choice; be aware of the following points:

  • Never click “keep me logged in”, when signing up.
  • Be aware of who is around you while you type your password.
  • Be careful while using the site. Don’t lose attention.
  • ALWAYS remember to log out when you are done, no matter in how much burry you are; logging off should be your utmost priority.

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