6 Social Media Contest Ideas for Your Next Event!

6 Social Media Contest Ideas for Your Next Event!

Great Contest Ideas to Use for Your Next Event

With the increasing competition for attention within social media, struggle to keep high on “followers” is real and ongoing. In this regard, social media contests are a great way to enhance engagement and reach your followers. You can run social contests on a variety of platforms, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on your website.

Remember that there are endless possibilities for contest ideas; however, the following are a few social media contest ideas for events.

1. Create social media event pages

To get started up with a contest idea for your event, you first need to make an event page on any of the following:

  • Facebook: for all kinds of events
  • LinkedIn: particularly for an industrial event
  • Google+: not very famous venue for creating an event page but has some interesting benefits: automatic email invitations and reminders.
  • Event websites: for creating event websites, there’s only one rule: the more, the better.

2. Create hashtag for your event

Events with a customized hashtag get five times more social impressions than an event without a hashtag. Thus, having a good and strong hashtag for your event can give you a lot of advantages and can be used for:

  • Making people discover your event
  • Creating buzz among masses
  • Easily tracking the conversations about your event: before, during and after

You may use your hashtag of event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ etc.

3. Essay contest

Essay contests are a great contest idea for your event where your followers can express their views in words. With an essay contest, you can ask your followers that what makes them passionate about your event. You can ask them if there is a story relating to the event that they would like to share, and give them a chance to make their voices heard. And to create more buzz, you can announce prizes for the best essay. This not only gets your followers more engaged but also makes them excited that you want to hear from them.

4. Share a video about your event

Create and share a remarkable video about your event. This video should contain outstanding content that promotes your event. A simple video about your event is the most effective idea. Thus, promoting with videos, photos and music increases your event websites views by an average of 221%.

5. Free tickets

You can give away tickets for your event. No one ever minds taking a free ticket. This method can attracts more attendees towards your event. Thus, giving away free tickets is an easy way of generating interest and engagement around your event and creating a free buzz among people.

6. Reward good promoters

Never forget to reward your good promoters. If your attendees enjoyed your event, most likely they will tell it to their friends about it on social media. Always make sure that you share the positive feedback of your followers on the event’s social media channels. In this way, you will let them join you again the next year with a positive expectation.

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    Using live events are a very creative ways to grow your small business. I always try to attend on such events to learn about business growth and various other things

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    Peter Fro

    I needed this important tips. I’ve my own small business and I’m running it from home. And it’s become sometimes very tough to contribute time into my projects while managing my family. So hopefully these tips will be highly effective to complete my project without any issue.

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