6 Incredibly Useful Email Marketing Ideas for Realtors


6 Incredibly Useful Email Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Winning Email Marketing Tactics for Smart and Savvy Realtors

When used correctly email marketing is still an effective communication tool to have as part of your digital marketing strategy. It provides an opportunity for business owners (or realtors) to maintain a 2 way communication dialogue with current and past clients including prospects.   .

According to Weebly, Email marketing brings a return of 4,300% and is more cost effective than other methods of marketing.

The following are some useful email ideas for realtors like you:

1. Choose a Good Email Marketing Provider

The very first step to get started with email marketing is to choose a reputable email marketing provider who is an expert in high quality customer service and excellent deliverability.

Having the best email marketing provider will help you throughout your email marketing journey and will make it easier for you to deliver your messages to your subscriber’s inbox. Our favorite is mail chimp, see why.

2. Attention-grabbing Subject Lines

We can’t stress this enough, but once a prospect gives you the green light to enter their world, your email campaigns should have an interesting subject line as well as include a call to action. Words are very powerful and if pieced correctly your open rates and click-through rates will skyrocket. Its’ been proven that at least 35% of people will consider reviewing an email if the subject line reflects their interest or hobby.

Therefore, you really need to take the time to draft an interesting subject line that pulls (Think of this as part of your Pull Marketing strategy) your followers and encourages them to read and share your weekly e-blast.

3. Email content

Email content is king! The information written inside an email is everything that can grab your user’s attention. Be sure to check for spelling and punctuation errors. I highly recommend printing out your draft email before deploying it. Also, make sure that every email is unique and follows a solid email structure that’s consistent.

4. Include images

Including images in your email can benefit you a lot. It’s important to remember that the brain thinks in pictures. Use images that will get reflects your call to action. The images should be interesting and thought provoking for the readers. Consider using infographs or high definition images of property that are for sale.

5. Email template

Your email template matters a lot when it comes to email marketing. Subscribers pay much attention to an email template including things like, clean layouts, readable font and appropriate color schemes. A study showed that 53% of people are more likely to open their emails on mobile devices than desktop.. So make sure that your template is responsive to all devices.

6. Interactive elements

Including interactive elements in email can help you in email marketing. The elements like “bonus” links can allow your users to forward an email to a friend who can help in spreading your email marketing strategy to a wider audience. Also, social share buttons can allow your users to share the email content on various social media networks. This element has increased clicks through rates by 158%.

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