You Can Thank Us Later - 6 Helpful E-mail Marketing Tips for Restaurant Owners!

You Can Thank Us Later – 6 Helpful Email Marketing Tips for Restaurant Owners!

You Can Thank Us Later - 6 Helpful E-mail Marketing Tips for Restaurant Owners!

6 Helpful Email Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

The secret behind building an effective digital marketing strategy for your restaurant is understanding how your customers communicate online. If you haven’t employed a digital marketing strategist (like myself) to help you develop a plan. Here are a few questions we typically ask restaurant owners that I believe you (restaurant owner) should really ponder about before you deploy your own digital strategy tomorrow.

  • Are you active on social media platforms that your customers us to share and engage with their friends?
  • How often are your customers using mobile devices while standing on line to place an order?
  • More importantly, can your customers place orders online? If so, do you have access to their email address?

If you do have access to your customers email address than you’ll love this article. The following are 6 e-mail marketing tips that will absolutely help reduce your advertising spending cost, not to mention build an effective digital marketing strategy that will shock your competition.

1. Best Email Marketing Tool

You first need to choose the best email marketing tool. It may be Microsoft Outlook, Constant contact and Evite. The Microsoft Outlook will enable you to create groups of people using your email client. Constant Contact will allow you to create newsletters, surveys and coupons. And Evite is a tool that lets you create invitations and permitting guests see who else is invited.

Also, you can hire an email marketer (like us) to handle your campaigns. Twitter, Facebook or Snap Chat are not email marketing ideas but they are one of the most popular medians you can use to communicate with your customers.

2. Interesting subject line

You MUST have an interesting subject line that will pull your customers in. Keep the subject line short, but attention grabbing. Here are some unique examples of creating an interesting subject lines:

  • Savvy. Smart. Sexy People Do Pizza πŸ™‚
  • 5 Brilliant Ways to Eat a Pizza

3. Thank You Message Matters

Thank you message can be one line or you might add an extra gesture of appreciation. Some of the restaurants thank their new customers by offering a discount on their next visit or on any special recipe.

However, while writing a thank you message for your customers you may also add the basic template for your emails. This template should include all the basic information of your restaurant, such as, address and location of your restaurant, phone number and hours of operation.

Also, you may want to consider offering a special dish to customers with higher email open rates. This is a great opportunity to get these customers not only convert, but become reliable brand ambassadors for your business.

4. Fill Out Survey & Receive a Discount

Survey’s a great marketing tool that will help us understand how well we are meeting our customers’ expectations. Ask them to answer five or seven questions relating to your restaurant and offer a 15-25 percent discount for those who completed the survey.

5. Feedback

Failure to replying to a customers’ inquiry can damage your reputation online and offline. Make sure you monitor your email account every hour. What you don’t want is an unhappy patron to post negative reviews on your Yelp or Facebook account for all to see.

If you do find yourself in this situation, don’t panic! Simply apologize and explain what you’ll do differently than offer a free dessert next time they visit.

6. Content is King!

The context and content is key to executing a great email marketing campaign. Unfortunately, there are no real cookie cutter strategy for building an email campaign. To master this you’ll need an email marketing expert (like us) to examine what language your customers speak online as well as knowing what types of images we can use that will get them to convert.

By: Walford Guillaume

photo credit: Familiares a 5€ via (license)

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