Social Media Apps for Small Businesses Owners

Watch: 3 Important Social Media Apps for Small Businesses Owners

Social Media Apps for Small Businesses Owners

Social Media Apps for Small Businesses Owners

With the increasing positive outcomes of social media marketing, most small businessย owners are starting to take Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram, (just to name a few} are more seriouslyย working on this platform. Following are the latest social media trends for small business owners:

  1. DrumUp

DrumUp is a must have app for small business owners in order to manage their social media presence on multiple accounts. This app has several functions that work great for content curation and provides content recommendations such as, feeds, scheduling, and re-posting. While scheduling, DrumUp suggests a list of hashtags that can be used with the posts. In addition, this app allows you to re-post your content over a period of time so that column is never empty.

DrumUp has a Chrome extension that suggests content and facilitates you to schedule it while you are busy reading other materials.

  1. IFTT

IFTT stands for If This Then That- it is a tool that saves a lot of time for small business owners. It takes the social media automation to a whole new level and eliminates boring tasks so that you can focus on the most important ones.

For instance, if you have a website, you can have a recipe that automatically schedules tweets every time a new post is published. Also, you can have a number of unlimited recipes to perform functions. Thus, it is a must-have app for the beginners or small businesses.

  1. it is an extremely useful and valuable tool for small businesses. This tool eliminates all the unnecessary things from your timeline in order to focus on the most important ones. An essential feature of this app is to show you whom to follow and unfollow. Also, it lists your users into three groups: Influencers, Supporters, and Engaged Member, thus making it easier for you to target your audience.

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Sourceย Entrepreneur (YouTube)

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