10 Important Rules Kevin Liles Shared with Me 11 Years Ago

10 Important Rules Kevin Liles Shared with Me 11 Years Ago

10 Rules Every Small Business Owners Should FollowΒ in 2016

Anyone familiar with Kevin Liles aka ‘Mr. Make It Happen’Β understand he is one of the most respected minds in the music industry. I’ve tried to model myself as him since my junior year in Edison High School (NJ).

So, when I learned that Kevin Liles would be a keynote speaker at Power 105.1 2nd Annual Music Summit in April 16, 2005, I just knew I had to be there to soak up as much knowledge as I can to final build my own record label “Jonrah Entertainment.”

Now that I look back, I thank God for connecting me with Tim & Tom Win. If they didn’t hook me up with that Boston Market gig (Shout out to Hong!) the year prior, I don’t know where I would have got the cash to pay for those ticket’s.

So it’s 6 AM(ish). I park my car near the Recreation center then ran to the Edison train station because I couldn’t afford to miss that 6:15. I could remember Stillmatic knocking on my headphones while practicing how I would introduce myself to Mr. Liles. If I get a moment to tell him how much I appreciate his story and that I’m the founder of an indie record label in Jersey (lol… memories).

When I arrived at Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom, I pulled out my notebook and started taking maaaaad notes. I learned so much from the late Chris Lighty as he shared his story on how he launch Violator, not to mention Chris gave some raw opinions about the music business that really shook the room.

However, when Kevin (Liles) hit the stage he shared these 10 important rules that I recently dug up and thought it would be a great idea to share with you 11 years later:

Rule One: Find Your Will

You will need that passion to drive you to make it happen against seemingly impossible odds.

Rule Two: Do You

Once you have found your will you have to package it and present it to the world.

Rule Three: Walk This Way

Getting educated is the way to make it happen. Whether you study in college or the school of life, knowledge and experience will give you the tools you need for success.

Rule Four: Create a Blueprint

You’ll need a road map to success. Create a vision to help you see where it all fits. Focusing on the big picture will help you edit out the things that distract you from success.

Rule Five: Play Your Position

Don’t act like you are too full of it. Have the humility and respect to do your job to the best of your ability, whether it’s digging ditches or answering the phone. That’s how all great leaders get started.

Rule Six: Embrace The Struggle

Learning to love the hard times can make you stronger, wiser and more willing to take risks.

Rule Seven: Get Connected

Build relationships that last forever because success in business depends on positive human interaction.

Rule Eight: Step Outside Your Box (M.I.X.)

It will help you blow up your ideas to a global level. You have to be open to people from all walks of life because business is the only true melting pot.

Rule Nine: Don’t Let Cash Rule

Greed can trip you up. Money matters, but it’s only a means to more options, freedom and security for the future.

Rule Ten: Flex Purpose, Not Power

It’s never too soon in your career to pick up a few management skills and learn how to lead.

By Walford Guillaume

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